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>Top Ten Minor Characters


I don’t know if I can think of 10 minor characters, but I’ll do my best.

1. Mrs. Fairfax from Jane Eyre.  She was really the first adult that took an interest in Jane and had a real impact on how she viewed others.

2. Bessy from North and South.  Even though I have only viewed the mini series that came out a few years ago, she came across as the first true friend that Margaret makes when her family moves to Milton.

3. Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Is the voice of reason in the book, even though at times he isn’t the voice of reason.

4. Snape from the Harry Potter series.  Even though he isn’t beloved like most of the teacher’s in the series, he is the one that acts the most nobly of the teachers.

5. Richard Mason from Jane Eyre. His coming heralds the disclosure of the secret of Mr. Rochester.

6. St. John Rivers from Jane Eyre.  Even though Jane comes to care for him, his wanting her to do something other than what she wants to do reveals Jane’s feelings for Mr. Rochester.

7. Charlotte Lucas from Pride and Prejudice.  She seems to be Lizzie’s sounding board in the first bit of the book and allows her to think more clearly about her feelings for Mr. Darcy.

8. Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice. Sort of the elephant in the room.  The Bennet family knows that their family estate is to be entailed on him when Mr. Bennet dies and therefore is the impetus for the family getting their daughters marrying.

9.  Miss Edmuds from Bridge to Terabithia.  She is the teacher that Jesse admires and takes him to the Smithsonian Musuem, which leads to Leslie’s death.

10. Helen Burns from Jane Eyre.  Jane’s first true friend and the only person that Jane can trust at Lowood School.

Let me know what you think.



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>Top Ten Tuesday – Books Recommended


This week its Top Ten Books Recommended at The Broke and the Bookish

Here are mine:

1) Pride and Prejudice – First read this book after the BBC mini-series came out and I loved it.  When I hadn’t read it for over a decade, I fell in love with it again.  Now that I am reading it once again, I am finally admiring Austen’s genius.

2) Jane Eyre – Read this book when I was in grade 8 and its one that I have loved and revisited since.  And especially in my adult years, I have really come admire the book.

3) East of Eden – Read this book back when Oprah used this as one of her book selections a number of years ago and really enjoyed it.  Read it again a few years later and really caught the nuances of the book and really appreciated its grandeur.

4) The Robber Bride – My first truly adult novel that I read when I was 15.  This book allowed me to journey into a world that I had previously avoided and when I first read this book, I really couldn’t turn back.  It was a turning point in my reading life.

5) Alias Grace – It was shortly after reading The Robber Bride that I read this book and was just mesmerized by Atwood’s storytelling.  I suppose it didn’t hurt that it had a historical element and made me further intrigued about the story of Grace Marks.

6)  The Root Cellar – This book has stayed with me for a long time, even though I haven’t read it in quite sometime.  Just the notion of going back in time is romantic enough, but the fact that it goes to a period in which so much has been written about in American history intrigued me even more.  I guess it started a love affair with the American Civil War that really hasn’t abated and only seems to continue.

7) A Handful of Time – As with The Root Cellar, it got me at a time when I was just coming out of reading books, such as The Babysitters Club, and even now as an adult reader, I found the book just as interesting as when I first read it as a tween.  Loved the notion of going back to a different time, but this time to learn more about a mom the main character barely knew.

8) A Tale of Two Cities – While my grade 11 English classmates were rolling their eyes while reading this book, I was really enjoying it.  I am so glad that my english teacher put this on the reading list.

9) Jacob Have I loved – Read  this in grade 7 when I was looking for something to read in a brand-new school library and I wasn’t disappointed.  Had the books I was looking for been available, I would have read that one instead, but because the school librarian had put the book in the collection, I was able to turn from the books that I was comfortable with to books that I would be challenged with.

10) All Quiet on the Western Front – I first read this book in my grade 12 English class and really didn’t see the point of the book, but my first History class that I took at the university level had this in the syllabus and I groaned at the thought.  But once I was able to understand the historical context of the book, I enjoyed the book and respect the message that Remarque is trying to get across.

I apologize if I did the meme wrong; its my first one.  Have a good day 🙂


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