>Deja Dead – Kathy Reichs


Title: Deja Dead
Author: Kathy Reichs
Published: 1997
Pages: 411
Genre: Fiction, Suspense
Rating: 4/5

Dr. Temperance “Tempe” Brennan spends her days in the autopsy suite, the courtroom, the crime lab, with cops, and at exhumation sites. Often her long days turn into harrowing nights.

It’s June in Montreal, and Tempe, who has left a shaky marriage back home in North Carolina to take on the challenging assignment of director of forensic anthropology for the province of Quebec, looks forward to a relaxing weekend.

First, though, she must stop at a newly uncovered burial site in the heart of the city. One look at the decomposed and decapitated corpse, stored neatly in plastic bags, tells her she’ll spend the weekend in the crime lab. This is homicide of the worst kind. To begin to find some answers, Tempe must first identify the victim. Who is this person with the reddish hair and a small bone structure? (via Goodreads)

Thoughts: I read this book a few years ago because I had started to watch the show Bones and found out that there were a series of books that had the same female character and was intrigued.  I read it and enjoyed it immensely, not only because it was a good story, but that it was set in a city that I was somewhat familiar with.  And when I picked it up again this time around, I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I probably enjoyed the book more this time because I was able to catch details that I hadn’t caught before.  If you enjoy suspense type books and if you like the TV series Bones, you probably will enjoy the book.  It should be noted that the book doesn’t at all resemble the show.

6157 / 15000 pages. 41% done!


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