>Booking Through Thursday


This week’s question is:  Series? Or Stand-alone books?

Answer: Depends on the book.  For the most part I prefer stand-alones, as I can put the investment into only one book and not think of the next books that are in the series.  Its not that I don’t like series, I just find that if you find a book in a series that you don’t like, especially the first one, then you may be missing a really good book in a series that may come down the road.  Also there is the financial and time that one invests into a series, depending on how long the series goes on for and how long the books are. There is also the factor that if you can’t get the first book in a series, its really not worth the effort to read it. There are always exceptions.



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7 responses to “>Booking Through Thursday

  1. >For me it also depends if its a really good story. I like stand-alone books because well it's only ONE book. But I also like series if it's worth it, meaning BRILLIANT story – it burns my pockets though.Here's my answer @ Whatever You Can Still Betray

  2. >There are definitely good points to stand-alone books. Some series can really deteriorate over time which is never good.Sally.http://theelifylop.blogspot.com/2011/03/booking-through-thursday-10.html

  3. >I like both kinds. Series differ from one another too. my BTT

  4. >I'm conflicted too. More about that at Mostraum Viewpoint

  5. >For me, it is always stand-alone books. There are exceptions though. Check out those in my BTT: Headlines post!

  6. >I like both, but books in a series more. Here is my answer for this week's Booking Through Thursday.

  7. >I enjoy both,as long as it holds your interest.

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