>Literary Blog Hop

>Literary Blog Hop
What is one of your literary pet peeves? Is there something that writers do that really sets your teeth on edge?  Be specific, and give examples if you can.

One thing that really sets me off is if the writing is bad and predictable.  Nothing sets me off if the writing is bad and it seems as though there is no flow to the story.  It feels like the author is trying to hard to get a story across or that the author is either really too interested in the subject and clearly doesn’t have a sense for what the reader may think.  There is nothing like reading a book, or a section in a book, that feels tedious and unejoyable.  Another thing I have a pet peeve with is when an author goes on and on and on, when the point has already made several pages ago.  It feels like the author is trying to get a point across too much and at times makes me feel like not reading them again, even if they are a good writer.  I want a book to envelope me and take me away to another place, not make me so distracted by how boring the book has gotten that I want to throttle the book and chuck it across the room.  If an author can make their point in 50 less pages, then they should, not try and make some of the information filler, which often becomes redundant at some point.



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2 responses to “>Literary Blog Hop

  1. >If an author has to hammer their point home ad infinitum, then either they have no faith in their audiences ability to understand the message, or in their own ability to communicate it. Thinking a bit more cynically maybe sometimes, information filler – is just filler. Good choice. parrish.

  2. >I do think that it takes a certain skill and talent to be able to get your point across well in few words. I do wish more authors valued that skill!

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