>2 – Not My Daughter ; Barbara Delinsky

>Three high school seniors make a pregnancy pact. Heightening the stakes, these aren’t just any seniors–these are three popular, college-bound girls from good families. Set in an insular, tightly knit community in Maine, Not My Daughter explores the consequences of pact behavior on a small town, as well as the strain placed on mothers and daughters who find themselves in unfamiliar terrain. One of the pregnant teens is the daughter of the high school principal–a former teen mother herself–and the local school board is quick to assign blame. When the national media gets wind of the story, the principal’s job is put in jeopardy, as is her standing in the community.

My opinion: It was a great break from reading another book, which was bogging me down at the time. It was interesting to see how a community deals with such an issue and what the implications can be among a group of friends that are closely tied to the pregnancy pact and what it does to those relationships. I had read an earlier book of Ms. Delinsky’s and while I wasn’t impressed as I was when I had read the earlier book, I still enjoyed the book and would probably read another book of hers.

Rating 3.5/5 stars.


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  1. >I read this book recently and I really loved it… I'm a huge fan of Delinksky though, so I'm a little bias!

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